Dolores Ring
Dolores Ring

Dolores Ring

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By Mexican jewelry brand CuradoX by Marina Hernandez.

Handmade by Marina in her Mexico based jewelry design studio from pure recycled silver extracted from used X-ray plates and photographic film with semi-precious stones.

Each piece is unique and is shaped both by Marina’s hands and her early fascination of her ancestry - specifically the women in her life. Every stone is named after an important woman in her life:

Labradorite - The Martina

This ring set is inspired by Martina Duque. It is said that Labradorites teach us how to bring life giving energy to all areas of our souls. Martina is the definition of determination and giving energy to achieve what we want.

Moon stone - The Clara:

The Clara Ring is inspired by Clara Perez Andujar. Clara is a talented musician, engineer and has been a dear friend to me for over a decade. We met by chances of fate in a foreign country to me in a time when I was away from home. The stone I chose is delicate, transparent, bold and feminine.

Green - The Agnes

The Agnes ring is inspired by Ines Moreno. This Green Jade is an amulet for good luck, just as Ines is to me, a talisman for welcoming abundance, and a stone of sublime peace and well being, which is all anyone feels when she is around.

Turquoise - The Remedios 

The Remedios Ring is inspired by Remedios Varo. My deep admiration for her goes way back in the history of my family. My grandfather had a very keen eye for art and met her in a gallery in Coyoacán. He immediately fell in love with her work and asked to buy a piece, yet all the pieces from the exhibition were sold. He ended up convincing her to create a piece for him given the fact that my grandmother was pregnant with my father and wanted to give it to her as a gift. She ended up delivering the Creation of The Birds, which is to date one of my favorite paintings ever. The stone I chose for this ring has a connection to the realm of dreams and my past.


With a soft cloth clean your piece, do not use cleaning agents that may harm your pieces.
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