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Flats - Grey

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By Peruvian fashion brand Cornelio Borda by Renata García-Menacho.

Cornelio Borda's designs come to life through a collaborative process that spans both Peru and Italy. The actual production occurs in Peru and involves specialists from both countries, emphasizing our strong commitment to sustainability by repurposing waste materials and adhering to the principles of sustainable non-fast fashion brands.

In our Alpaca Carpet line, we consciously refrain from using any animal fur, opting instead to incorporate Alpaca wool and, in specific models, Pima Cotton yarn sourced from surplus clothing production in Peru. With this yarn, we painstakingly handcraft each unique carpet, ensuring precision in the stitching process. The final product undergoes a meticulous hand-brushing to achieve a soft texture and appearance, ideal for our shoes and bags. The initial trials of this embroidery technique commenced several years ago with artisans from the Marche Region in Italy. Building on this success, we have continued this innovative practice by collaborating with skilled female artisans from Peru. Each artisan dedicates one day to embroider two pairs of our handmade Alpaca shoes. Explore our collection, which encompasses Alpaca bags, and join us in advocating for sustainable practices within the fashion industry.

Size: 37, 38, 39, 40, 41

Color variants: Caramel, dark blue grey

Material: Alpaca carpet, Pima Cotton, leather.

Never use hot water to clean. If stained, wipe with cool, damp cloth.

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Meet Cornelio Borda

In her work, Renata García-Menacho combines her love for Peruvian culture with Italian craftsmanship. She works directly with Peruvian and Italian artisans in order to promote cultural exchange in the development of her products.

The founder has worked with several Italian companies dedicated to creating ideas, materials, and designs for the fashion conglomerates LMVH and Kering. Her love for accessories motivated her to move to the Marche region of Italy to work directly with Italian artisans who are experts in the sector. After this journey, she returned to Peru and founded Cornelio Borda: an ode to her family supported by her talent and experience.

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