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By Mozambican-Dutch visual artist ANA Collectives.

ANA Collectives is committed to diversity and equality and centred around self-love and women empowerment. Ana is a visual artist with a background in graphic design, fashion photography and film. She draws her inspiration from fashion, art, people and psychology.  

ANA Collectives work focuses on showing the beauty of black women. Strength, love, healing, and empowerment are also axis points in her art and design.

"I think diversity and equality are very important and I want to contribute to that. I want to inspire, guide and connect with love through art and my wisdom by finding love within yourself and towards others. Stand in your power and let your light shine, because you are beautiful the way you are and that may be seen! That is my mission." 

This print belongs to limited edition collection of 15 pieces.

Part of the proceeds will be put into the Lina Monica Foundation. A project where Ana wants to create a 'Safe haven' in her native country Moçambique for girls who have had children at a young age and have been in a difficult position, just like her birth mother.