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The Amarradero wall pieces by Caralarga from Mexico are made from cotton threads sourced from the historic "Hércules" yarn and textile factory from 1846 in Querétaro.

Every month begins with a visit to Hércules where Francisco, who has been working there for more than 20 years, helps the team choose the right threads based on their thickness and quality. The threads are subsequently taken be gummed to acquire its texture. When this process is finished, the thread is stored on a giant steel reel. This way it prevents from tangling. Later, the thread is cut and rolled into a big "Oaxaca cheese" type of ball to make it easier to bring into the workshop and start with the creative process.

Length: 140.5x40x20 cm

  • 100% raw cotton
  • Waxed cord

With every purchase you directly contribute to the development artisan communities in Mexico.

Please note that: Each caralarga is handmade with artisan techniques. Length and small details may vary among same models. Do not wash or dry clean. Caution! Cotton threads are flammable.

CARE OF PRODUCT: Please brush with any regular comb before and after use. For instructions follow link: