Ada Earrings
Ada Earrings
Ada Earrings

Ada Earrings

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These earrings are handmade by the Ghanaian jewelry design brand Aketekete founded by Michael Nana Beyin Gyan and Maria Bernat Astorga in Elmina. 

Maria and Micheal state about their brand: "Aketekete is the name of a traditional festival from Elmina in which rituals are performed to connect with ancestors and celebrate their roots. It is an ode to the past and to never being forgotten. A connection to nature and its forms. To celebrate culture, origins and stories otherwise lost. We value collaborating and connecting with creatives to design modern objects with age-old techniques by supporting artisan communities to make them."

Colours: Light blue, orange, yellow, green, rosé and dark blue


  • Glass Recycled Beads crafted in Ghana

  • 24K Gold plated brass hoop

Dimensions: 35mm diameter

White Label Project Ring Sizes

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