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About White Label Project:

White Label Project was founded in 2019 by Ann-Kathrin and Caroline with the ambition to create an inspiring marketplace for the growing number of mission-driven designers and creatives from around the globe. 

With a background in enabling small businesses to trade in the non-profit sector as well as in marketing strategy and digital design for international consumer brands, White Label Project is interdisciplinary at core and strives to combine the both perspectives in a social-impact business model. 

White Label Project exists for the shared enthusiasm and love for design and women empowerment as well as for inspiration from every corner of the world. Imagine the feeling of finding a small design studio - a hidden oasis of colors and storytelling - behind a cricket stadium in the middle of buzzing Mumbai or follow a woman artisan to her small hut in the middle of the Peruvian Andes only to discover the richness of her craft. 

A year later, our team comprises people from Chile, Germany, India and Sweden and counting, bringing together different mindsets, skills and the shared mission to bring these amazing stories a little bit closer to you. 

A startup built on Skype

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We are currently looking for an international digital marketing intern/social media strategist (remote position).  

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Our team


Ann-Kathrin Zotz

Caroline Foerster
Co-Founder (CEO)

Board members & Advisors:

Carlos Marin de la Fuente
Advisor Sust. Energy Expert/

Ishan Shekhar
Advisor IT/Board Member

Antonia Zotz
Board Member