White Label Project

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WLP is a marketplace for impact-driven design brands and creatives from around the globe to tell their stories.

The Mission

We are proud to say that we currently work with 17 design brands connecting to more than 900 crafters and creatives 
across 10 countries and growing.

White Label Project aims to be a leading platform for brands, creatives and customers with a shared love for craftsmanship and ambition to create a sustainable future for all. 

Our commitment manifests itself through the following pillars:

1. Mobilise women as change makers
2. Preserve artisan techniques and knowledge
3. Create jobs and stable incomes 
4. Promote natural materials and dyes  
5. Foster responsible consumption.

What we do

The marketplace

We sell sustainable fashion and interior design from all around the globe.

The network

We create a global network of sustainable fashion and interior designers, crafters and creatives.

The services

We support impact driven design brands to position themselves internationally.

The model

We believe that profit generation should not only be about maximising shareholder value, but rather about accelerating impact. We therefore return our profits to  development projects benefitting the crafters and creatives behind each product. The projects have been defined by the staff members and communities which work with the brands themselves to ensure maximal added value.

Until we are there, we have a percentage per sale reserved which is accumulated until it reaches a jointly agreed amount to be transferred to the NGOs and people in charge of the selected development projects.

The projects each from supporting health workers to reach remote rural areas in Mexico, over providing solar panels for the households of weavers in Ghana to scholarships for university courses for women in South Africa. 

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