Pichulik – White Label Project


Pichulik is a South African brand for handcrafted jewelry founded by Katherine-Mary Pichulik in 2012. 

 "Pichulik is inspired by the intimate relationships women have with jewelry – it speaks of her travels, her mother or grandmother and the people she has loved. We celebrate Africa and see jewelry and ornamentation as a sacred conduit for healing, community and wisdom share."    


All materials are sourced within Africa while the design pieces are made in Woodstock, Cape Town. The iconic ropes, which are made by local crafters, are combined with signature stones from across the African continent. Pichulik predominantly uses overruns of Polypropylene rope (PPM) number 5 on the recyclable chart. These over-runs are the excess from the yachting and sailing industry. The other components include glass beads, hand carved agate and carnelian from Ghana, and semi-precious stones sourced locally. All off cuts from crafting are used for producing new items.

With respect to the sustainability of Pichulik’s business model Katherine states:

“In terms of overall development, I also have an education programme for our crafters, so for example, the woman who has been with me the longest currently is undertaking a Business Management Diploma through evening study courses which are paid for by the business. I also provide the women with regular readings which focus on self-development and self-actualization. What I am really excited about and what really motivates me is not just this notion of employment, but instead the empowerment of women, and cultivating a real sense of self-esteem and self-worth, and a feeling that you really can ascend out of your current personal circumstances.”

Katherine-Mary heads a team of 13 women and one man at Pichulik with four working in production, 4 in sales and 3 in the management team of the brand:


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