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Mola Sasa

Mola Sasa is a Colombian brand for fashion accessories made by Kankuamo, Kuna and Zenú indigenous communities.  

Founded in 2015 by Yasmin Sabet, Mola Sasa was born out of a unique collaboration with the Kuna communities of Colombia. Both culturally and aesthetically rich, our iconic vibrant clutches rapidly caught the attention of the fashion industry scene.

Sabet, of Colombian-Egyptian descent with a background in architecture and furniture design, brings together collections that merge techniques, textures and materials evocative of a multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary background. Today, Mola Sasa works with an array of techniques to create delicately beautiful hand made products.

The brand is committed to empower artisans and to better the lives of vulnerable communities. It aims at bridging the gap between tradition and progress and collaborates directly with various indigenous communities of Colombia to translate their own traditional art forms and crafts into unparalleled accessory collections defined by a distinctive blending of techniques, colors, textures and materials.

Yasmin says: “Our ever-evolving brand has taught us that even a project that begins as a small endeavor can help support, preserve and encourage local artisan techniques as well as promote sustainable employment.”

Mola Sasa has created sustainable employment for more than 80 families and continues to expand its mission and ensure a lasting social change for their communities.

The brand has become a strategic ally with its artisan partners by bringing light not only their exceptional skills, but also their own personal stories, which is highlighted with every collection. Additionally, Mola Sasa provides job training and opportunities for further growth.

“Working for Mola Sasa has greatly improved our lives, especially for the women heads of households who can now support their own families. Before we only worked for specific fairs in which we not always sold well, Mola Sasa assures us a fixed month to month income. Personally, I love working and it is beautiful to see people admiring our textiles and I feel proud of what we do. Thanks to Mola Sasa our work is now recognized.” Rosmery, Leader of the Kuna Community Kuna Leader

“It has been a new and different experience and we managed to make a great team with Mola Sasa, that is appreciated. For the artisan women of our community it is a great help in terms of income,“ Indira, Leader of the Knakuomo Community

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