Mission & impact – White Label Project

We all have the power to choose to make a difference.

We aim to work according to the three main pillars of sustainability and are committed to the following principles:







Crafters and Creatives:

We carefully select all of our designers and products based on our sustainability criteria.

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Mola Sasa

Mola Sasa is a Colombian brand for fashion accessories designed by Yasmin Sabet and made by the Kankuamo, Kuna and Zenú indigenous communities.

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Pichulik is a brand for crafted  jewelry designed by Katherine-Mary Pichulik and made in Cape Town, South Africa.



Caralarga is a brand for handcrafted  jewelry designed by Ana Holschneider and made from cotton threads in Querétaro, Mexico.



AAKS is a brand for raffia bags designed by Akosua Afriye-Kumi and handmade by crafters in Ghana.



Freeset supports formerly trafficked women in West Bengal, India, to generate a sustainable income from producing organic bags and tees.


Taller Maya

Taller Maya is a brand for artisanal jewelry made by indigenous Mayan communities from the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico. 


Our Mission and impact


Sustainable production & fair prices

White Label Project works with carefully curated social enterprises and initiatives which are led by women or youth and work with marginalized groups, such as indigenous or impoverished communities, all focusing on improving the well-being of their members.

We pay fair prices determined by the crafter and creatives we work with and offer at least 50% of every order upfront to ensure that raw materials can be purchased, and producers can be paid. 

Transparent pricing and reinvesting profits

We return the profit we make (sales minus costs) to the crafters and creatives behind each product. As we aim to maximize the value generated for the brands we work with, we minimize our own costs to the minimum necessary.

The chart mirrors the average revenue distribution. We are currently able to attribute around 55% of our sales price to the brands behind each product we feature. After taxes, which account for 25% in Sweden, we cover all other expenses such as shipping, warehouse, insurances, operations as well as branding and marketing. 

For each collection we sell, we define the best way of returning our profits together with our crafters and creatives aiming at the highest positive impact. Examples for projects we could invest in are professional development trainings provided by local institutions or community projects to improve access to water or energy as well as health and education.

We want to encourage slow fashion and well-considered investments in quality design, which is why we try to sustain from seasonal sales. Our business model is based on fair wages and transparent and fair pricing, where continuous sales would only undermine the quality and craft behind each an every product.

Aiming to avoid any adverse environmental impacts, we decided to offset all carbon emissions from shipping our products from all over the world to Europe and to you.We are accounting for our carbon emissions throughout the year and will offset them by supporting reforestation projects in the countries and ideally even with the communities we source from.We will keep you posted on each step of our journey to build a 100% sustainable business.

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