They are more than just the memories of me growing up around them. Every single rug has its own story, the people behind the knotting and weaving have a story. The lifestyle and process of the making have a story."

Founded by

Omar Marhri



“I’m having fun every day, playing with unlimited colors and patterns. Thankfully I have the opportunity to be able to translate a vision, emotions, and memories together with our colorful culture, respected skill, and beautiful handcraft. That also has been passed on for generations by the women who are the entrepreneurs behind these creations. Not only do we have the opportunity but we have a responsibility as third culture kids to combine and care for what generations before couldn’t.”

Upcycled Fabrics into Handmade Rugs

Cherouitte = shreds

At SËBOU, we use leftover textiles from all over Morocco that we recycle and create our Cherouitte rugs. Once we have obtained and selected the shreds, we continue to hand knot them in a colorful and new-come-to-life carpet.