Supporting formerly trafficked women in West Bengal, India, to generate a sustainable income from producing organic bags and tees

Freeset began in Sonagachi, one of Asia’s largest red-light areas with around 10,000 sex workers, many of whom were taken from homes in villages and communities across West Bengal. Through jobs at Freeset making bags and tees, the brand works to build new homes and a new community of freedom in Kolkata. Freeset Trust was launched to provide better counseling and care for staff and community.

In 2014, the women started dreaming about returning to their ancestral homes, so Freeset visited communities in the Murshidabad district (rural West Bengal) and now has two new businesses in strategic locations. Some of the women return home to work in these businesses. Better still, through the presence of Freeset it helps communities ensure their daughters are never trafficked away.

The Freeset Trust is a charitable organization which operates alongside the business providing literacy classes, child care, budgeting and debt management services. 

Today more than 250 women are on their journey to freedom at Freeset.

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