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WHITE LABEL PROJECT is a global platform that promotes and sells curated design objects from crafters and creatives from developing countries. 

We are committed to support sustainable production processes as well as to return profits to those who created the products to support the developing businesses of our design partners and strengthen their individual brands.


It all started in a bar in Maastricht in 2009 where we met for the first time knowing we would move to Paris together for our upcoming exchange semesters at Sorbonne. It was the start of a great friendship lasting far further than Paris and our individual journeys to different places and areas of expertise - Ann-Kathrin promoting sustainability in international value chains for the UN in different developing countries and Caroline designing digital and physical services and brands for consumer goods, NGOs and tech companies. Now, 9 years later in yet another bar, this time in London and one baby on its way, we decided to embark on another journey together.
The journey of White Label Project. With one leg in each world, we believe we have what it takes to offer crafters and artisans a platform to grow and prosper sustainably. And most of all, we want to spread our enthusiasm and passion for the great craftsmanship and artistry to be found in all corners of the world.

Caroline & Ann-Kathrin

Impact through design

We are committed to create long-lasting impact through a business model which embraces sustainability in all its dimensions: economic, social and environmental. We want to show that all three dimensions of sustainability can go along with each other. 

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