„We want to Re-imagine, Re-invent, and Re-generate the artisanal craftmanship of rug making and share it with the world.“


  • Omar Marhri, Wadood Suberu and Salman Abukar
  • 20 full time employees
  • Kenitra, Morocco
  • Knotted Moroccan rugs  
  • http://www.sebou.se

SËBOU was founded by Omar Marhri, Wadood Suberu and Salman Abukar. SËBOU is a Swedish design company founded in Sweden in 2019. The brand wants to reinvent the artisanal craftmanship of Moroccan rug making. SËBOU‘ designer Omar grew up around rugs and taking an interest in the art and craftsmanship of rug making from a very early age. For thousands of years, the Moroccan Berbs have been knotting carpets in the same way with the same historical designs and materials.

As a designer Omar, became genuinely inspired by the Swedish rug and tapestry designer Märta Måås-Fjetterström’s art of weaving. SËBOU is trying to challenge weaving together the past and the present, innovation and tradition, the subtlety of Scandinavian design and the vibrancy of Moroccan culture, to bring to life one-of-a-kind, handmade rugs. Just like the Sebou River, which gave the brand its name, traversing from the mountains of northern Morocco down to the city of Kenitra and out into the Atlantic Ocean, giving water and life to the area, and the people, around it.

SËBOU works with around 20 women artisans from the city of Kenitra in Morocco. The rugs from our the Cherouitte collection are made from leftover fabrics from the fashion industry. SËBOU buys the textiles in bulk from factories in Morocco or sources them through brand collaboration such as with the shirt brand Eton, Twelve Pieces and The Brooklyn Circus by using their old samples, returns, and leftover to create capsule collections.

SËBOU pays fair wages to its weavers and contributes to an improved access to education in the weavers' communities

More about the craftmanship:

With every purchase of a rug by SËBOU you not only support the growth of the brand but WLP also directly contributes its profits to supporting the weavers behind each product.

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