While Pixan seeks to create modern and innovative designs, these products never loose sight of their Mayan origins. Each product is inspired by and symbolic of Mayan cosmology. The larger diamonds illustrated on several fabrics represent the four corners of the world and the smaller diamonds contained within mirror the sun."


Guadalupe Ramirez





Foot loom weaving is an ancestral weaving method that was originally only used by men since it requires a lot of strength. As Pixan believes that both men and women have the same capacity to do things, women were trained by a master foot loom weaver. Once they were fully capacitated, Pixan donated wooden foot looms to the women of the Mam & K'iche communities. The foot loom process is very complex: the weft goes over and under the warp back and forth, again and again, to create the fabric while the pedals open and close the sheds by raising and lowering the harness. The wide varieties of fabric and patterns that weavers create are a result of the knowledge that has been inherited from generation to generation.


Backstrap loom weaving is an ancient art practiced for centuries by Mayan artisans in Guatemala. This art has been passed from generation to generation, from mothers to daughters, and today it is still used daily in many parts of our country. This is a very special technique as the weaver's body is the most important part of the loom and the weaving. The back rod is tied to a tree or post while weaving and the other end has a strap that encircles the waist or backside and the weaver can move back or forward to produce the needed tension. The weaver usually spends 4 to 6 hours weaving, sitting on the ground on her knees; when they grow older and weaving in that position becomes a little bit uncomfortable, they use a small stool but they still enjoy it and they put all their feelings and emotions into each piece of art they make. It usually takes 3 weeks to 1 month to weave a 25 x 25 cm panel, while the time needed depends on the design and the size.


Mayan artisan women