"Many of the geometric patterns of nature found in the micro are repeated in the macro, and it is precisely this geometric concreteness or abstraction that I seek to represent in each design"


Mariana Vieira


4 full-time employees & 50 artisans

I am constantly travelling into the Colombian Amazon to meet with the indigenous communities such as the Wayuu communities based in La Guajira in Colombia. ATLAS is a travel journal that is shown as a fabric of tangible and intangible connections; between the macro and the micro, with humans, nature, and the mystical. It is materialized through experiences, spaces and objects created from the gaze of a refined eye and deep awareness.

Mariana Vieira


cosmology and natural

A night in La Guajira is a surreal dream, I think this is partly the reason why the Wayuu maintain a permanent dialogue with their origins. COSMIC GUAJIRA is a perception of the “cosmos” on my part, an exercise in geometric abstraction that they very well know how to do and represent in all their creations. They are pieces where mysticism, ancestral knowledge and sacred geometry are mixed: it is as if for them weaving is to trap the information of the cosmos and manifest it with apparent simplicity in a complex fabric.

Guajira Cósmica

is the collection of textiles for pillows, furniture and art, she works with a total 50 crafters of the Wayuu using the century old gualdrapa tapestry technique, which is originally used to decorate horse saddles for races or special occasions. When this technique is applied, a horizontal loom is spanned and each cotton thread is lifted by hand creating a thick high-quality fabric.

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Wayu Iwouya Communities