‘Aketekete’ It is an ode to the past and to never being forgotten. A connection to nature and its forms. To celebrate culture, origins and stories otherwise lost.


Michael Nana Beyin Gyan & Maria Bernat Astorga

about aketekete


We value collaborating and connecting with creatives to design modern objects with age-old techniques by supporting artisan communities to make them.

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Jewelry & Bead Makers

Aketekete partners closely with the jewelry masters Mohammed and Erick and also the jewelry student Ayisi, all based in Accra, to create the metal parts from all their jewelry. From the medal of their necklace to their earrings hoops, all the pieces are handcrafted combining traditional and new techniques to create what they desire. 

The familiar Ghanaian beads, made with recycled glass, are crafted exclusively by the Krobo tribe, located in Ghana's Eastern Region.

Basket Weavers

Their baskets are created in the North of Ghana where the traditional weaving skills has passed down to subsequent generations over centuries.

Each basket can take between 3 and 10 days to be done. It requires different handcrafted processes where the straw is twisted, dyed and wove.


Cotton or linen are some of the natural materials they decided to work with to create the linings, removable handle-cloth or others. This fabric sourced on the local markets are normally coming from over-stock or for old curtains, bedsheets and clothes. It’s sewn by their co-worker tailor Ayaa Adjei from Elmina.

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