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Sun Carpet by M.A.

“Round carpets aren’t easy to weave, as the looms are made for rectangular shapes. Only three people in our team can handle it! I really love it, it adds something very special to a room - The sun is and has been a very important symbol in ancient civilizations”, says Melissa Àvila from M.A.

What is the beauty with combining the modern and the traditional?

“That ancient knowledge can be preserved and that when combining it with modern desgin, it creates something new and different that also allows the generation of new knowledge and new ways of working. That in itself also generates jobs because people get interested to work with it again and we get to keep the ancient techniques.”  

Wall decoration by CARALARGA

“I want an object to be sustainable, timeless object that highlights the value of simplicity, natural and noble materials, through contemporary design and a clean aesthetic.” says Ana Holschneider from Caralarga.

We love your wall decoration Amarradero!
“That makes me happy! Amarradero, inspired in the horse moorings of the ranchos in México.” 

Stool by ATLAS

“It is important to me that they are functional, elegant and that they respond to today's needs; but above all they have concept, character and a "life of their own" that are in some ways art.” says Atlas’ Mariana Vieira.

As a buyer, how do we contribute to the culture where the stool has its roots?

“When someone buys something that the artisans and I create, they arae contributing not only financially, but also to dignifying the communities and their craft, ensuring that the tradition lives on as the years go by. If the new generations see that their culture and traditions are highly valued, they will not want to let the trade die and they will continue dedicating time and soul to it.”


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