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Destination: Guatemala

A tour of Guatemala led by local creativity, craft and culture.
Plus, heavenly delicious coffee.



A community brand, Pixan means spirit in the language of Nahuatl. That’s exactly the ultimate mission of the brand, making the spirit of Mayan artisans felt through vibrant, eclectic fabrics and interior design accessories.

Pixan Guatemala Ikat Pillow case White Label Project
Anthony Prince Leslie Men of Maize



This short documentary by Anthony Prince captures the contemporary spirit of Maya culture. The director investigates how it was preserved during the years in the face of Spanish colonization and Catholic tradition. The narrative, developed by Shaman Luis Ricardo Ignacio Venture, revives the old legend of Popol Vuh – the Mayan story of first humans who were believed to be made of corn.



The photographer from Guatemala City documents daily life of the country with compelling realism and rawness. Brenner’s idea is to reflect a society in transformation and reestablish his personal connection with a land that made him.

Juan Brenner Photographer



Immersive guitar sound of Guatemalan singer Sara Curruchich is a reflection of artist’s heritage. Coming from a Kaqchikel community of indigenous Mayan People from midwestern highlands, her music is a tribute to her female ancestors and the oppressions they faced as women.

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A brand or rather an empowerment project, Pura Utz is a Copenhagen-based jewelry & accessories label connecting different worlds of Denmark and Guatemala. Supporting Mayan women through the craft they know so well, Pura Utz elevates it to new, trendy heights with ambitious, noble goals on top.

Pura Utz



A Nobel-prize winner, feminist and human right activist stood up for indigenous communities of Guatemala. In her book, “I, Rigoberta Menchu: An Indian Woman in Guatemala” she describes her experience of injustice shared by many Indian communities.



This lifestyle brand operating via Instagram is the ultimate expression of contemporary Guatemalan design. From artsy rugs through ceramics to swimwear, Nada Duele was created by a creative couple - Giselle MacDonald and Mariano Vadillo – collaborating with artisans in Central America to develop ethical, thoughtful designs.

Nada Duele