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Destination: Ghana

An immersive journey into Ghana and the veiled beauty of local history, design and craft.



Traditional weaving techniques put into a modern context. A.A.K.S works with 50 artisans in Kumasi, creating sustainable jobs and designing contemporary fashion accessories inspired by images of Ghana.

AAKS via White Label Project
Nana Yaw Oduro



An Accra-based photo artist looking into different forms of representing boyhood and masculinity. His minimalist visuals derive from the sense of community he’s experienced as part of his practice while investigating Ghanaian youth.



Meet the new generation of artists nodding to a local tradition that believes people can transcend death. That explains the idea behind Fantasy Coffins – a series of quirky, personalized caskets inspired by professions of the deceased to let them continue their mission in a second life.

Fantasy Coffins Ghana



African-inspired fashion straight from Ghana. By collaborating with communities of artisans, Studio 189 explores diverse techniques of craftsmanship such as kente weaving and hand-batik while following its fully sustainable ethos.



The vibrancy of Prince Gyasi’s images reflects his origins. Following the idea of colors as a therapy, artist’s images tell stories of black communities while he is also a founder of Boxed Kids project, helping children from unprivileged backgrounds living in Accra.

Prince Gyasi Photographer



This research project investigates the environmental and social impact of second-hand clothing on Ghana. Its actions focus on the Kantamanto Market in Accra – a mecca for local clothing traders – and looks into over 70 years of Western excess fueling the Ghanaian economy.



Award-winning writer whose debut novel “Homegoing” was inspired by her trip to Ghana from America where she studied. The historical novel tells the story of the descendents of two sisters through 8 generations showing how colonialism and slavery have affected the lives of African Americans and Africans..

YAA GYASI Homegoing
Yevu Clothing Ghana



Bold prints meet purpose. Yevu is a Ghanaian fashion brand born out of a strong belief that empowered women have an even greater impact. Sourcing its prints from markets in Kumasi and Accra, Yevu’s strengths lay in modern yet indigenous design and a community of local craftswomen creating beautiful fashion alongside their own independence.

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Founded by Aisha Obuobi back in 2008, Christie Brown is a tribute to designer’s grandmother – a seamstress. The brand’s aesthetic is uncompromising and bold, touching upon neo-African culture and deriving from Ghana’s generation of strong women.

Christie Brown Ghana
Osei Duro Ghana

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Imagine two friends from North America relocating to the West of Africa to start a socially responsible, experimental yet uncompromisingly contemporary fashion brand. Well, that’s the story behind Osei Duro, working with Ghanaian batik fabrics to create ready-to-wear collections in collaboration with local artisans.