Wide Shank Cig Ring
Wide Shank Cig Ring
Wide Shank Cig Ring

Wide Shank Cig Ring

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This ring is handmade by the Cape Town based design studio and jewelry brand Lorne founded by Gillian Lawrence.

Gillian states about the inspirations for her creations: “The aesthetic is rendered through the creative process of jewellery making, acknowledging freedom to form rather than expectancy of what the jewellery piece should look like. Freedom allows the creative subconscious of the artist to experiment with the materials until spontaneous form arises. Pure and authentic design makes Lorne an inspirational jewellery brand. Due to the transient nature of it's manufacturing process, each piece of jewellery is unique in it's story to form. Lorne challenges traditional jewellery making with modern subjectivity defined by unusual shapes and structures. Lorne's bold yet polished statements are synonymous with the brands essence. The brand respects individuality and recognizes this in those that choose to wear Lorne.”

    Material: silver-plated brass (also available 24k gold-plated made to order)

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