JIL - aubergine
JIL - aubergine
JIL - aubergine
JIL - aubergine

JIL - aubergine

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By Moroccan design brand Oumaäti.

The Jil bag is handmade by Oumaäti in its family run studio in Casablanca, Morocco. Jil refers to the term "generation" in Arabic, but also to the first name of the grandfather of the founders of Oumaäti, Jilali. Jil is part of the continuity of the family, but also of the history that is being built. Regardless of the changes and alterations of time and space, generations perpetuate the legacy of their ancestors. This is also the commitment of Oumaäti.

Size: length 23 cm x height: 23 cm x width: 9 cm

Material: goat leather

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