Indigo Chimichagua Tote
Indigo Chimichagua Tote
Indigo Chimichagua Tote
Indigo Chimichagua Tote

Indigo Chimichagua Tote

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By Colombian fashion brand Mola Sasa.

Crafted by the Kuna Women in Colombia, the designs combine traditional geometric patterns with intricate hand-sewn appliqués of various native birds and plants. 

To accentuate the Kuna textiles that decorate the side of each tote, our artisan weavers of the Chimichagua region naturally dyed the Estera Palm fibers in brilliant hues inspired by the brilliant colors found in coral. 
Finished with handles made out of woven cotton, the large tote is designed to be sturdy and fit all sorts of goodies and practical daily items such as computers. 

Dimensions: Length: 12 cm, Width: 37 cm, Height: 32 cm, Handle: 14.5 cm X 10 cm, Internal Pouch: 20 cm X 15 cm

Colors: outside: "Estera" palm in indigo, the Mola on the sides with a patterns in turquoise, dark blue, purple and pink

Materials: Estera palm fiber, mixed fabrics, cotton handles and canvas

Artisan technique: this technique originates in its eponymous municipality in the coastal region of Cesar (Colombia). It was traditionally used by indigenous communities to make sleeping mats from the “Estera” palm. Today it has been adopted by afro communities and has evolved into natural rugs and placemats, most of them featuring geometric designs in various color combinations. This craft constituted a prosperous home industry, but today is being threatened by agriculture, cattle raising and expanding urban expansion.

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