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Our Story

White Label Project was founded in 2019 by Caroline Foerster and Ann-Kathrin Zotz with the aim to empower women through sustainable e-commerce. 

When founding White Label Project, the two co-founders asked themselves: How can women derive the highest income locally when selling products? With their respective 10+ years of professional experience in brand strategy and international development, the answer was: by maximizing local value creation through brand building and a direct to consumer sales channel. Moreover, they asked themselves, in which sectors can the highest income for women be generated and decided to start with the fashion and design sector where many women are active: as entrepreneurs, as designers and crafters.

White Label Project exists for the shared enthusiasm and love for design and women empowerment as well as for design from every corner of the world. Imagine the feeling of finding a small design studio - a hidden oasis of colors and storytelling - behind a cricket stadium in the middle of buzzing Mumbai or follow a woman artisan to her small hut in the middle of the Peruvian Andes only to discover the richness of her craft. 

Now we are a team from Sweden, Germany, India, Chile, Mexico and counting, bringing together different mindsets, skills and the shared mission to bring these amazing stories a little bit closer to you. 

How we started White Label Project

Meet the team


Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Meet Ann-Kathrin, a powerhouse Development Economist and entrepreneur with a decade of experience in championing green and ethical trade with the United Nations. Her special focus? Elegantly merging sustainable fashion & design with economics, powering small and medium-sized enterprises worldwide. Her work, extending across 20 countries, is a testament to her commitment to sustainable trade.

Location: Frankfurt a. M., Germany




Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Introducing Caroline, a savvy brand strategist and entrepreneur with a decade of consulting experience from top agencies around Europe. Caroline has been the creative spark behind international consumer brands, non-profits, and tech start-ups from Stockholm to London and Berlin. When she's not co-steering the ship at White Label Project, she curates brand narratives at her own consultancy, Studio Foerster.

Location: Stockholm, Sweden




Board Member & Tech Advisor

Meet Ishan Shekhar, a valuable member of our board and our resident tech advisor. Armed with over a decade's worth of tech experience from Mumbai to Stockholm, Ishan infuses White Label Project with his expertise, supporting our e-commerce operations with savvy technological insights.

Location: Stockholm, Sweden


Judith Ueberschaer

E-Commerce Lead & Business Development

Meet Judith, our E-commerce expert who brings over 8 years of global e-commerce experience, including roles with Shopify and the United Nations. Having worked with over 100 businesses across different markets and industries, Judith is now responsible for e-commerce and business development at White Label Project.

Location: Barcelona/Spain & Berlin/Germany


Kukasina Kubaha 

Logistics Coordinator & Content Designer

Kukasina is the newest addition to the White Label Project team, masterfully packing and shipping your orders while also making sure that the website is up to date and looking sharp. No problem for her, as she effortlessly moves between cultures - translating, editing and researching on queerness in Southeast Asia.

Location: Hamburg, Germany


We believe in agile teams and interdisciplinary collaboration. We work with an extended team of advisors, freelancers and collaborators within various disciplines based all around the world.

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