The silhouettes, designed to aid the fluidity of the fabrics, make our pieces take many roles as you do throughout the day. They are meant to become your to-go garment.

Wear them in, wear them out, feel at home."


Parigna + Roshni




ROSE Petal Fiber

The rose petal fiber is a cellulose fiber, extracted from the natural waste of rose petals and rose bushes. The fiber is stripped and processed to create a lustrous and soft spinning fiber, similar to silk. It’s light, breathable, and perfect for hot + sticky conditions.


The Better Cotton Initiative is the largest cotton sustainability program in the world, that aims to make global cotton production sustainable. BCI works on a grassroots level and engages with farmer communities to promote decent working conditions for farmers, reduce the environmental impact of cotton production, and bring benefits back to farming communities.


Lotus fiber is obtained by slicing the stems of the lotus and extracting the fiber from the center. These are then washed and hung to dry before being spun into yarn. The tradition of transforming this natural waste into fabrics has existed in South East Asian countries for centuries. The process turns natural waste into a soft, breathable fabric that falls impeccably. The yarn for the fabric we use is imported from Indonesia and woven in Kanpur, India.



We’ve designed this collection over the course of a year and a half, carefully picking our materials and production partners; looking over details that add value to our pieces.

The collection is made in small batches. our current batch includes 30-35 pieces of each style in print across sizes. If pieces or specific sizes are currently out of stock, they can be ordered on a pre-order basis, to inspire slower, more conscious buying, letting us understand your needs hence, reducing waste.

These materials are our first loves, we are excited for you to own these limited, and special pieces.