I spent most of my afternoons in Sekamaneng, getting up to childish mischief with my brother. On occasion, we would steal glimpses of the female initiates at a neighbor’s house dancing. I remember being awe-struck, seeing them gather in a circle, wearing these intricately beaded veils.

The design of the Phetoho Rug is inspired by those veils, and the name is inspired by the change that the female initiates go through. But in a sense, this rug is an ode to my childhood."

Mookho Ntho

founded by

Mookho Ntho and Moliehi Mafantiri



The Throws

Barali works with the Leribe Craft Center in Hlotse, Lesotho.
The center counts 20 artisan women who hand-spin the mohair fibers into yarn, dye, and weave them.

The Rugs

The iconic Mpate and Phetoho rugs are produced with Maseru Tapestries and Mats in Maseru, Lesotho, where 10 Basotho women weavers the art of traditional tapestry weaving from mohair fibers.


empowerment of local artisans