Riverine Earrings by Lorne at White Label Project
Riverine Earrings by Lorne at White Label Project
Riverine Earrings by Lorne at White Label Project

Riverine Earrings

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By the Cape Town-based design studio and jewelry brand Lorne, founded by Gillian Lawrence.

Gillian, the visionary behind Lorne, shares her creative process for crafting unique pieces at her jewelry workshop. Embracing jewelry innovations, she emphasizes the freedom to shape rather than conform, resulting in handmade gold jewelry that tells a distinct story. Lorne's 24k gold plated sterling silver and silver creations defy tradition, featuring unusual shapes and structures born from the artist's spontaneous experimentation. Each piece boasts pure and authentic design, making Lorne an inspiring brand that celebrates individuality. Join the league of jewelry buyers who appreciate the brand's bold yet polished statements, reflecting the essence of modern subjectivity in every piece.

Size: Length 55 mm

Color: Gold.

Material: 24k gold-plated brass.

Gently polish with a soft cloth or with special brass cleaning products to bring back to the bright and soft color.

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Meet Lorne

Lorne is a multi-faceted jewelry design studio based in Cape Town, South Africa, specializing in original collections, Lornetique antique and second-hand jewelry, as well as editorial and show-piece jewelry.

The label's diversity, originality, and distinctive style have established a lasting and recognizable aesthetic.

Lorne exists out of a commitment to the now, with all of its unpredictability and uncertainty.

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