Julia Marie Werner

Julia's series ‘Big City Lion’ about her dog – a former stray - wearing a lion’s mane at different landmarks around Hamburg, brought her worldwide media attention. Besides continuously portraying people and animals, she also made a successful career in shooting campaigns from VW to Lufthansa - always bestowing a contagious liveliness and joyfulness to her pictures.


6.Aufschlag/ BFF, 05/2014


International Color Awards1st Place
Outstanding Achievement in People | Because I‘m a girl


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    Interview with the artist

    Interviewer: "Your art is…"
    Julia: "My way to express my feelings, my life, my thoughts, and my wishes."

    Interviewer: "Name something you love, and why."
    Julia: "My dog. He came like from heaven. I mean when does a stray dog in the middle of the Spanish wilderness run up to you and inspire you in such a special way? I did a personal photo project with him and the stray dog that belonged to me from the very first second went totally viral as "big city lion" and even ended up on TV."

    Interviewer: "Which professional success meant the most to you?"
    Julia: "I always thought if my picture would be printed in a newspaper or it would be somewhere on a magazine cover, then I made it. But everything in life, it's a process. And every success has its own story and therefore its own magic - that means a lot to me and all the people involved."

    Interviewer: "What was the weirdest encounter, the craziest adventure, or the most beautiful moment you experienced on a shoot?"
    Julia: "The moment I met Tschikko, my dog in Spain during and Photoshoot for AUDI ;) That was the weirdest encounter, the craziest adventure, and the most beautiful moment I experienced on a shoot."

    Interviewer: "What is more important to you: Form or content?"
    Julia: "For my personal projects: FORM. For Jobs more content because that’s the deal."

    Interviewer: "Analog or Digital?"
    Julia: "Both."

    Interviewer: "Where do you go when you want to be with you?"
    Julia: "When I go to France to visit my French family in the countryside my heart opens up. This is a very special place for me with its own story and I start feeling myself again. Or sometimes I go down to the river with the dog, nearby us. Then I stand there, look at the water and feel the wind. (If it's stormy weather, it's even better ;)) And then I have the feeling that I am back to myself."

    Interviewer: "Tell us something about your education."
    Julia: "After graduating from high school, I first went abroad. In France, I discovered my love for photography. After my apprenticeship as a photographer in the René Staud Studios in Leonberg, I worked as a freelance photo assistant from 2007 to 2012, living in Cape Town for several months before settling down as a photo designer in Hamburg. Today I mainly take photos for magazines, and advertising and work for various agencies."

    Interviewer: "What part of the human face is your favorite?"
    Julia: "Never thought about this. Maybe the wrinkles."

    Interviewer: "Where does your inspiration live?"
    Julia: "During Corona, I noticed how my inspiration was to experience different places. Seeing, smelling, and tasting other places and learning from other cultures inspires me."

    Interviewer: "What would you do if you weren't afraid?"
    Julia: "I don't believe that you shouldn’t do anything because you’re scared. Never say no, if that’s the only reason. Just do it."

    Interviewer: "Why photography?"
    Julia: "Sometimes Photography opens doors into areas that you would otherwise never see."