Gunia Project

Established in 2016 by Natasha and Maria in Ukraine, Gunia Project merges tradition with modern design to create unique accessories and lifestyle products, reflecting Ukrainian culture sustainably and ethically, gaining a global following. Each collection is a unique combination of design thinking, deep ethnographic research and artistic approach towards craftsmanship. The brand employs folk crafts and gives heed to the slightest details of traditional culture to create designer artisanal pieces perfectly fit for the needs of everyday life.

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    Meet Natasha Kamenska & Maria Gavryliuk

    Driven by a vision to make a difference, Maria is the powerhouse behind Gunia Project's success. Her dedication to ethical practices and sustainability sets the brand apart.

    With a passion for art and an eye for design, Natasha brings beauty and imagination to every creation. Her love for Ukrainian culture and modern aesthetics makes Gunia Project truly unique.

    Both Maria Gavryliuk & Natasha Kamenska aim to safeguard Ukrainian national values, showcasing the country's beauty through handmade crafts. In face of the current war initiatives like Gunia Project have become crucial in preserving and promoting Ukraine's rich heritage.

    Story & Highlights

    FOUNDERS: Natasha Kamenska & Maria Gavryliuk

    TEAM: 2 founders + Ukranian artisans

    LOCATION: Ukraine

    MATERIALS: semi-porcelain, guta glass, cotton, wool, silk, cashmere, czech glass beads, silver and gilded silver, green agate, black onyx, and natural pearls

    Gunia Project's silk scarves designs are inevitably connected to different arts — painting, icons, woodwork, and ceramics. Their decoration and ornamentation are based on native folk paintings and handmade ceremonial holiday sewing with a unique brand design highlighted in popped and soft colors.

    Gunia Project's handmade ceramics are inspired by Ukrainian traditions, ornaments and patterns. Gunia Project reapproached this concept by producing items that look as great in the kitchen as they do in decor. Their designs are inspired by embroidered rushnyk, antique towels, and Ukrainian folklore.