Yina Necklace — Rose Green Nkyinkyim by Aketekete at White Label Project
Yina Necklace — Rose Green Nkyinkyim by Aketekete at White Label Project
Yina Necklace — Rose Green Nkyinkyim by Aketekete at White Label Project

Yina Necklace - Rose Green Nkyinkyim

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By the Ghanaian craft design brand, Aketekete.

Explore the handmade necklace by Aketekete, the Ghanaian jewelry brand founded by Michael Nana Beyin Gyan and Maria Bernat Astorga in Elmina. More than an accessory, it's a testament to Aketekete's commitment to jewelry 24K gold plated brass elegance, innovations, and timeless design for discerning jewelry buyers.

Aketekete, drawing inspiration from Elmina's traditional festival, connects ancestral rituals, roots, and nature, to jewelry innovations. It stands as a tribute to the past, commemorating culture, origins, and untold stories. Through collaborative efforts with creative minds, we intricately design jewelry innovations using age-old techniques, simultaneously contributing to the support of artisan communities.

Introducing /nyinkyim/ translated as ‘twisted,’ it signifies the intricacies of life's journey, emphasizing the necessity for resilience and versatility. Elevate your style with Aketekete, where jewelry 24K gold meets cultural narratives, and each piece tells a unique story.

Size: Length 38-44 cm

Color variants: Rose & green, blue & orange, black & white, green & burgundy

Material: Recycled glass beads crafted in Ghana, 24K gold-plated brass

Gently polish with a soft cloth or with special brass cleaning products to bring back to the bright and soft color.

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Meet Aketekete

Aketekete is a newly established design brand based in Ghana, has gained recognition for its signature handmade baskets, bags, and jewelry. The brand operates in close collaboration with local artisan communities throughout the design and production process, emphasizing the use of natural fibers for their bags and baskets, and incorporating recycled and locally sourced beads in their jewelry.