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      We're proud to champion sustainable slow fashion brands from around the world. Our dedication to ethical practices and eco-friendly materials sets us apart in the fashion landscape. When you choose products from our partner brands, you're not just investing in quality and a unique dress code; you're supporting a responsible fashion ethos.

      Explore our carefully curated range, featuring everything from exquisite alpaca clothing to standout pieces that let you express your individuality while minimizing your environmental impact. Whether you're following a specific dress code or simply elevating your wardrobe with timeless pieces, we've got something to suit your style.

      Indulge in the luxurious softness of alpaca clothing, renowned for its durability, warmth, and sustainable production methods. Our collection includes versatile pieces that transition from day to night, offering comfort and elegance.

      We're passionate about the brands we work with, like Endelea that collaborates with the Maasai people in Tanzania and reimagines traditional crafts with a modern twist while safeguarding their cultural heritage or Mozhdeh Matin, whose Peruvian-inspired creations blend vibrant colors, soft shapes, and intriguing textures. Handcrafted in Peru since 2008, each piece reflects a harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation. Lagom, an impact brand crafting sustainable pyjamas from lotus and rose fabric. Rooted in South East Asian tradition, they prioritize small-batch production to minimize waste and encourage mindful consumption or Gunia Project, an impact brand from Kyiv that offers unique creations that reflect Ukrainian culture while keeping in mind ethical and sustainable production practices.