Cornelio Borda

Cornelio Borda crafts luxury accessories, seamlessly blending Italian craftsmanship with Peruvian materials. Collaborating with Peruvian and Italian artisans, shoemakers, and fashion experts, the brand's vision intertwines great Italian expertise with beautiful Peruvian heritage. Committed to ethical practices, Cornelio Borda empowers artisans with well-paid, skilled, and fulfilling work, producing distinct collections labeled as both Made in Italy and Made in Peru.

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    Mencho was born in Perú. She completed her studies in Hamburg, London, and Rome; afterward, she graduated with a Master’s degree in Accessories from the Accademia di Costume e Moda in Rome. She has worked with several Italian companies dedicated to creating ideas, materials, and designs for the fashion conglomerates LMVH and Kering. Her love for accessories motivated her to move to the Marche region of Italy to work directly with Italian artisans who are experts in the sector. After this journey, she returned to Peru and founded Cornelio Borda: an ode to her family supported by her talent and experience.

    Mules — Ivory by Cornelio Borda at White Label Project

    Story & Highlights

    FOUNDER: Renata García-Menacho

    TEAM: Founder & Peruvian and Italian artisans

    LOCATION: Peru and Italy

    MATERIALS: Leather goods

    Renata's great-aunts: Rosa, Emma, Olga, and Maura immigrated from Paiján, a civilization on the north coast of Peru, to Lima. After years of work, they managed to fulfill a long-awaited dream: owning a house. It became a play court, a family meeting point, a tailoring workshop, and, most importantly, a home. It was located on Cornelio Borda Street, next to the Museum of Peruvian Culture.

    Mencho grew up in that house, as did her sisters. Their great-aunt Rosa ran a tailoring workshop there, while Emma and Olga cared for the children. In the Cornelio Borda house, they learned to embroider and fell in love with Peru, its pre-Columbian cultures, festive traditions, and handmade art. Mencho named the brand in honor of her strong and culturally rich great-aunts.