Our Sustainability Criteria – White Label Project

Our Sustainability Criteria

All of these criteria have to be met 100%:

  • Brands locally run and owned by women from developing countries (Ec)
  • Produce high quality design products (Ec)
  • Economically empower their staff members and the producers they work with by providing decent work and pay (S)
  • Limiting animal products to leather, wool and horn which are sourced in an environmentally friendly and ethical way (S)
  • Provide professional and skills development programmes for their staff members or the producers they work with (S)
  • Use sustainably sourced ingredients and production inputs based on the local biodiversity (E)

We favour brands that are:

  • Youth owned and run brands (S)
  • Poor and indigenous communities or work with them (S)
  • Implement circular production practices by upcycling, recycling, reusing or refurbishing production offsets or base their products on them (S)
  • Enrich the environment and minimize or compensate for any negative environmental impact (E)