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Taller Maya

Taller Maya is a Mexican brand for artisanal products which emerged from the “Fundación de las Haciendas del Mundo Maya” (“Foundation of Households of the Mayan World”). 


Being aware of the great heritage of Mayan culture in artisanal mastery, the Foundation created entrepreneurial programs that helped artisans by giving them the basic tools, and training to ensure a sustainable income from using their knowledge and preserving their traditions. In this way, Taller Maya was established, which today works with 200 artisans from 40 indigenous Mayan communities in the Yucatan Peninsula to create social and economic development opportunities through community self-management and the promotion of community participation. 

The pieces featured by White Label Project are the result of the collaboration of Caralarga and Taller Maya for the Ancestral capsule collection. The collection pays tribute to Mayan cosmology and wisdom of nature. 

Based on the designs of Caralarga, three Mayan communities working with Taller Maya produced the beautiful design pieces from horn and sanseviera fiber.  

These communities have a long-standing tradition of working with horn and turning the leaves of the sansevieria plant into fibers through several processing steps and dying them with natural colors.  

Check out the website of Fundación de las Haciendas del Mundo Maya to learn more about the great projects they implement with Mayan indigenous communities: 


For shopping the wide range of beautiful artisanal products by Taller Maya, check out their website here: https://tallerm.myshopify.com/  


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